Irish Comedy at AGH!

Rural Ireland at the beginning of the 20th century. A new English magistrate has just been transferred from the Andaman Islands to this forlorn part of the Emerald Isle to watch over the wrongdoings of its inhabitants. His first job takes him to the village fair where he is confronted with highly suspicious goings-on. He is convinced that his system that never failed him in the Andaman Islands will also help him restore law and order in his new and long-neglected district.

Poking fun at both the arrogant Englishman and her talkative fellow Irishmen, Lady Gregory (1852 – 1932) has left us this wonderful little comedy which will hopefully make you smile at its characters‘ virtues and weaknesses.

The English Drama Group at AGH, consisiting of students from years 7 and 8, has prepared this play since February and is now eager to show it on stage TODAY, Wednesday, 20th July 2022, at 7 pm in the school auditorium. Free entry!!!