School dog – A huge success

The visit of the school dog Mika to class 5d was a huge success, and it was an experience that will be remembered for a long time. The students had prepared a set of questions in English to ask Ms Lambrecht, and they were able to learn a lot about dogs and their behaviour.

The reason why Mika and Ms Lambrecht were invited was because the topic in the English book was about a dog. The English teacher thought it would be an excellent opportunity for the students to learn more about dogs and to practice their English skills by asking questions to Ms Lambrecht.

The visit started with the dog performing a few tricks, which was an excellent way to introduce the students to the dog and to make them feel more comfortable around it. Then the students asked their prepared questions to Ms Lambrecht. The questions ranged from „What does Mika like?“ to „Does Mika have nightmares?“ Ms Lambrecht patiently answered each question in English, and the students were thrilled to learn from her experience.

The visit ended with the students getting to interact with the dog. The students took turns petting the dog and doing some tricks with her, and they were amazed at how friendly and well-behaved Mika was.

We would like to thank Ms Lambrecht and Mika for their visit to our class!