School Camp in a Spooky Castle!

Schülerinnen und Schüler der Bili-Klasse 6a berichten auf Englisch von ihrem gemeinsamen Schullandheimaufenthalt mit der 7a im Schloss Obersteinbach…

Our Class Trip to Obersteinbach

From 20th to 24th September 2021 we went on the most wonderful class trip I ever had. We had so much fun playing baseball, rugby and many more sports. LEOlingo helped us speak more English during the trip than ever. The weather was wonderful. I loved it! The coaches were so nice. I had Anne-Marie. She was a big Harry Potter fan and we talked about it and she helped me with my film. The beds were very comfortable and the food was sooo yummy. Thank you very much, LEOlingo and Obersteinbach Castle. (Julia A., 6a)

We went to Obersteinbach last week. Obersteinbach is in Bavaria. We stayed in a castle for one week and we didn’t speak German. We played a lot of fun games and we had two coaches: Anne-Marie and Paul. I was in the group with Paul. The coaches didn’t speak German with us. We played hockey, kept to the flags and other games. This class trip was the first in my life and it was by far the best in my life. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were good. We all miss Paul and Anne-Marie! They were the best coaches! Speaking English was good for us all. (Sabrina, 6a)

Last week, from 20th to 24th September, we went on a class trip to a castle. We met at 7:30 to do our Corona tests, then we loaded the bus with our stuff. It was a very, very big bus. We travelled for almost four hours. The ride was OK. Of course, we had some stops to eat and go to the toilet. After the long ride, we suddenly arrived at the castle. It was avery big castle with a gym. In our already chosen groups we went to our rooms. We ate lunch at 12:00 o’clock and looked at the old, old castle. Every night, a group could plan the evening programme. There was a games evening, a sports evening and much more. Sadly, the girls only had one shower. During the days we had a programme with LEOlingo. Our coaches were very kind and we had much fun! It was a cool class trip. (Zoe, 6a)

Class Trip with a Ghost

From 20th to 24th September, we, class 6a, went on a class trip. We sayed at a castle in Obersteinbach. We went there in a double-decker bus together with class 7a. It was very nice at “Schloss Obersteinbach”. But on our first day, suddenly the electricity was gone! Our teacher said maybe it was “Steini”, the house ghost… But it was only the fuse. That was an amazing class trip! (another student, 6a)

Last week, we went on our class trip to Obersteinbach by bus. The ride took three and a half hours (it was so boring). When we arrived, we had lunch. It was delicious. After lunch we made our beds and we had a programme with the LEOlingo team. My coach’s name was Paul. The beds were really comfortable but the floor squeaked a lot. On Tuesday, the lights went out and we all had to search for Steini, the house ghost. It was really fun. I hope we can go there again. (another student, 6a)