Bilinguales Schullandheim der 6a: An amazing school trip to a castle

"Maybe it´s just a class trip, but it´s the best I ever had." - Die Bili-Klasse 6a war in der Schuleingangswoche im englischen Schullandheim in Obersteinbach.

Maybe it´s just a class trip, but it´s the best I ever had. It was a three-and-a-half-hour bus ride from our school to Obersteinbach.

A small village in between the woods and a massive house for our class, the 6A to live in. At first some kids thought it would be a boring school trip but it wasn’t. Out of the window of our bus we saw a really big castle! It turned out to be the house where we stayed for one school week, from 18th to 22nd September 2023. Once we took our suitcases and walked towards the castle, two people stopped us at the entrance. They kindly welcomed us and told us they were our counsellors. “Hello and welcome to the Leolingo castle. My name is Liz and this is my partner Nick“, said the girl. “This is where you will be staying for the rest of the week.“

We got familiar with the place and after dinner we went to our rooms and chatted. The boys played football in the gym. The next day, we had a big fashion show and the theme was ‘Lady Gaga’s dress on the gala made out of recycled things ‘. We were put in groups and decided who was going to be the Lady Gaga. They all chose their models and started designing. In the hallway of the girls’ room, we performed for the class and jury.

Wednesday was an arts & sports day. We could choose between crafts or rugby. Many of us made some bracelets with Liz. We asked if we could listen to some music and Liz said yes. So, we listened to our favourite songs, when Liz suddenly started to sing. She has a beautiful voice! A few moments later we all sat together and sang. Even our teachers Mr. Mühlbach and Mrs. Lambrecht came and made some bracelets.

I also liked the campfire, we ate stick bread and marshmallows. We also sang there, of course. While we sang “This girl is on fire”, a spark was on Luise’s foot. So, she really was “on fire”.

On Thursday we ran into the forest and played games there. Later, one group went to the sports field and played Alaskan football. In the evening we went on a one-hour long night hike with our flashlights and we saw a harvester and we all waved.

On Friday was the departure day, but before we went back home we played games, presented our fantasy islands and took a group photo in front of the castle.  This week was exhausting but very cool and adventurous. We will miss our counsellors.

On the return journey some girls made bracelets, sang and teased the boys. It was a really funny trip and I would love to do it one more time! Maybe I will go to a Leolingo summer camp.

Written by several pupils of the 6A