Sherlock Holmes in a shoe box

We (the class 6b) had a very special piece of homework during the Easter holidays.
Before the holidays, we discussed Sherlock Holmes and read a small excerpt from ‚The Old Crooked Man‘ in our English lessons with Mrs. Schäffer. Our homework was to design a shoe box with information about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as well as about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of Sherlock Holmes. A longer diary text should also be included in the shoe box, otherwise we were allowed to let our creativity run wild. It turned out that our class was very creative because after the holidays we could see a lot of beautifully designed shoe boxes. Some students also presented their shoe box in front of the class. In the end, the Sherlock Holmes shoe box project was a great success, and our class really enjoyed the task and would recommend to do it again.
By Jette and Marie