The future of work – a world full of potential!

When will self-driving cars be on the roads of Germany? What does the future of mobility look like? How will morally-ethical questions regarding safety be resolved for self-driving cars?

But also: Where should I apply if I want to do an internship in Silicon Valley? What is the daily work life like for an AI expert who works for one of the world’s largest and leading car manufacturers? What do you need to study and where is this possible? How important are programming languages and do we still need foreign languages?

All these and more exciting questions were discussed by the 11th grade students of Mrs. Schlombs and Mrs. Kovtun’s basic courses during the „world of work“ theme unit with the AI expert Mr. Rupprecht from Daimler AG last Tuesday.

The students not only gained interesting insights into an exciting and innovative field of work, but were also encouraged to follow their personal interests and pursue their career goals with confidence, enthusiasm, and creativity.

We would like to thank Mr. Rupprecht for a most exciting and impressive morning!

(Mrs Kovtun & Mrs Schlombs)