MUNOG Diaries

Vom 18. bis 22. Oktober 2019 haben wieder 14 Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klassenstufen 9 – 12 des AGH an der jährlich stattfindenden UN-Simulation MUNOG am Goldberg-Gymnasium Sindelfingen teilgenommen. Zwei von ihnen teilen hier ihre Eindrücke in Form von Tagebucheinträgen mit uns:


A.: Delivering an opening speech at today’s opening ceremony was an overwhelming and unforgettable experience. A year ago, there could have been nothing more frightening and unrealistic than speaking in front of over 200 people, but today’s speech showed me that MUN challenges you in any way and helps you overcome your fears and shyness. I am looking forward to the next days!

H.: After six months without an MUN, I was really excited to see what MUNOG 2019 would bring. Yesterday I picked up my guest students who I had become friends with at MUNOB in Bucharest. I was very happy to show them Germany and especially the conference. After Amelie had delivered her speech at the opening ceremony, many delegates told me that they were afraid of me because of the great speech, but luckily I could tell them that they had mistaken me for Amelie.


A.: Wow! The US-Iran tensions are going to be a challenging topic! I am sure that we will have heated debates and great speeches during the next days. The fact that I had to change my country on Thursday evening (i.e. I was supposed to represent Peru in the Security Council but as the “British Ambassador” had fallen ill, I took his role) and the professionalism of the other delegates made me feel a little bit insecure but I am sure that it will be great!

H.: Today, the first committee session started and I must say that the delegates and chairs in my committee are awesome. We weren’t able to find a good common ground for all countries for a resolution due to some bible hardliners from Peru, but our chairs gave us helpful instructions for the next resolution, so I hope we will come up with a better resolution for the next topic.


A.: The second day of committee sessions is already over and we are still discussing the first topic and our resolution has only four clauses. It is really frustrating and I understand why the veto power in the Security Council is so controversial. The other delegates seem to be really nice although one is a BREXIT hardliner, which makes me a little bit sceptical.

H.: Today we finished our first resolution which was quite controversial and against UN policies, but I am sure the next one will be better. In the evening, I met some friends and their guest students and together we had a Mario Cart and Singstar evening. It turned out we probably won´t become future rock stars.


A.: Time is passing so quickly! We managed to finish our first topic with 9 clauses and we can be really proud of that. It is great to see all the people again I know from last year´s MUNOG or MUNOB and we are like a big family! Although it has been a really stressful and exhausting time, I have enjoyed every bit of it and I can’t believe that tomorrow will be the last day.

H.: I can´t believe this is already the last-but-one day. But at least our second resolution turned out really well and I was able to get some amendments through. After the conference, we went to Burger King together with our Romanian guest students, because apparently, there is no Burger King in Romania.


A.: I am so glad that we could present our resolution at the General Assembly. No one vetoed it and despite only nine clauses it wasn’t embarrassing but impressive to see how we managed to find possible solutions despite the veto power and the fact that this is a topic even the real UN is struggling with. Our resolution might not solve the problem and change the world but it is a result of three days’ hard work and lots of arguments and frustrating moments. Everyone can be proud of what we achieved and I am really sad that MUNOG is already over. I will miss the debates and especially all the great people I met. I hope that we will see each other again and I can’t wait to go to EGMUN and all the other conferences which will follow surely!

H.: After three exhausting days, I am glad we were able to present a sufficient resolution at the General Assembly. The official Closing Ceremony in the evening with interesting and partly funny performances was an amazing ending for this year´s MUNOG. But the unofficial part is yet to come…..

Amelie und Henriette